Galafrey Wine Dogs- How much mischief can a wine dog get into?


Galafrey dogs.....oh....the stories

Winery dogs are a big part of the industry and we have always had Jack Russell's here at Galafrey. A great character dog and some great stories too.....
Bruce as a puppy in the office bin- he loved to sleep in there!
• When we lived in Albany we converted the old wool stores into an apartment and winery. The front door was directly onto the street and the door had a mail slot where the post went. The postie would drive by with his bike and pop the mail through the door. The very territorial Jack Russell would run to the door barking and grab the mail as it came in and shred it to pieces. Our bills and birthday cards would often have teeth marks in them. Then the Jack Russell would run outside and chase the poor postie up the street. The postie would be trying to drive along while kicking at the dog trying to get him off. One day Australia Post rang us up about the dog.......oh no.......we thought we were in trouble then but..........they rang to apologise because apparently someone saw the postie kicking at the dog and reported him!!
• Back at that Albany home/winery we lived opposite three pubs, a nightclub and a taxi rank. We had some interesting nights. One night a client of ours went to the pub and drank a little too much. He decided to walk it off and walk by our winery at night. The next day he had the Jack Russell on his lap and told us of how this Doberman chased him down the street. There was no Doberman on our street only a black Jack Russell with tan bits and a loud bark like a Doberman. We couldn't convince him it was the Jack Russell.
• Near the winery in Albany there was a park. Because this park was next to pubs and night clubs it saw a bit of action. One day Jack came in to cellar door. This posh lady gushed...'what a lovely dog......oh, and he has something in his mouth.' Jack drops a pair of dirty ladies knickers at her feet!!
• We had just moved back to Mt Barker and we were building Mum's new house with the help of two English backpacker boys. Dad jumped in the ute and pulled out quickly and accidently ran over Mum's dog. He quickly rushed the dog to the vets but there was nothing they could do. Mum was very upset and Dad felt very guilty. The two English backpackers were very cheeky and loved a banter and so the next day they were going on about how Dad had covered the wheels of the ute with blood and bone ......just to rub that extra guilt in!
• Once Dad shot a feral cat. Mum found out and wasn't happy about it so she played a trick on him." the lady rang up from next door looking for her cat?' Mum said to Dad.
Silence......' she was so upset. She couldn't find her cat anywhere and she is really worried" Mum continued. .......silence....... "Do you know anything about the cat?" Mum asked..............'arrrrrrrrr......I shot a cat.' Dad replied.
"you shot the neighbour's cat!" Mum shouted.........guilty silence........ :-) Happy Mum.
• One of the most embarrassing problems with dogs and cellar door is the humble dog fart. Everyone is at the bar, everyone is silent, and suspiciously looking around at everyone....they can all smell it.....followed by Mum saying...'sorry, I think that was the dog." everyone smiles in relief that it wasn't them and laughs. 

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