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My Name is Kim Tyrer. I was born 30 odd years ago about the same time my parents brought a property in Mt Barker WA and planted a vineyard. I grew up in the wine industry. I started in a Mary Poppins style pram, I was on one side and vine cuttings on the other, as my mum, Linda Tyrer, paced up and down the rows planting their future. As I got older I was walking up and down the rows with my mum while taking the buds off the bottom of the vines. Before I knew it I was picking grapes during vintage and bottling on the bottling line. If there was a job I could do I was asked and as soon as I turned 18 I was out the front selling and promoting Galafrey Wines.

In 2003 my father, Ian Tyrer, was diagnosed with cancer and I came home to run the family business. My dad started to show me how to run the labelling line and had hopes of showing and teaching me more about running Galafrey Wines. Unfortunately he passed away 3 months later. I was 26 years old , no brothers or sisters, with a winery full of wine from the recent vintage, a stock room full of stock to sell and a vineyard about to burst. I was about to go on one of the biggest emotional and learning curves EVER! did I mention I was only 26!
Ok, we survived that tragic time. I learnt alot, ran the vineyard and winery and sold all that wine. Chip and Charge is my motto. Every day I get up and tackle my list of jobs and slowly my goals are achieved. Nothing ever happens overnight anyway? right?
Little did I know when I was in that pram my Mother was planting my future. And now I look to my future as the next generation of Galafrey Wines. Galafrey has been going for 30 years and I look to future especially now , did I mention? Now I have my own child, a possible third generation at Galafrey. Hopefully my best Vintage! and the start of a third generation family winery in Western Australia. 

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Sunday, 24 October 2021
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