A pictorial journey through Vintage 2019 

New basket press all the way from NSW. Very excited!
New press looked mighty small against some big toys.
My first time on the Harvester at night time.
Me, looking very tired after 4 hours sleep and a full day after night harvest.
Riesling looking amazing!
And then the rain came.
and some more rain.
and then the Rielsing didn't look so good the following week.
So Riesling harvest began- at least the breaky and view looked good!
We did some prep work for the Race wars event. A truck load of barrels for the bar area.
But then Race Wars was cancelled so all you could do was sit back and enjoy a beer!
Some more rain.
Finally a wine! Some excellent looking Cabernet Sauvignon. Pearls.
Last pick whole bunch Shiraz looking good.
More picking.
My kids and the neighbours kids doing the foot stomping for me!