Muller Thurgau 2020

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Dry Grown Muller Thurgau 2020

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Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Distinctive character, with rich palate coating textures and lots of layers and depth - this is benchmark Wine

Alcohol 12% a/v, Acidity 7.1 g/l, pH 3.36


Muller Thurgau was part of the original plantings at Galafrey Wines in 1977 . Oneof Victoria's leading wine experts Ian Higginbottom suggested that this vineyard would be ideal for Muller because of its Riesling influence. Galafrey thought the easy drinking style of grape variety would flourish and attracts a lot of attention due to its uniqueness and approachable style of passionfruit and tropical fruits.

Müller-Thurgau grape was first cloned inGeisenheim (in the Rheingau region) in 1882 by Professor Hermann Müllerfrom Thurgau, Switzerland. The grape was named after him in 1913. For many years, it was believed that the grape was a cross between the Riesling andSilvaner grapes. However, with the help of recent genetic analysis, it was discovered that the Müller-Thurgau grape is actually across between the Riesling and Madeleine Royale grapes


Fruit sourced from our 41 year old 12 hectare Dry Grown Vineyard. Our old vines are not irrigated; something quite unusual in these days of mass commercial production. We prefer low-yielding wine crops with small berries. Although it limits our volume, having smaller fruit fosters an intensity of the flavour, with most of the colour and tannin of the grape being concentrated in or near the skin. The characteristically cool climate of the district ensures slow ripening of the grapes, which also allows for the development of rich flavour and quality grape juice. Grown on ancient gravely loams in Mount Barker, in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, an are renowned for excellence in cool climate viticulture. Our old vines are all cane pruned and yield 2 tonne per hectare with small bunch weights which add intensity of character and flavour. Galafrey harvest their grapes from mid March to late April depending on the season.


This year we started on 16th Feb picking our chardonnay, our earliest since 2007. Volumes were down again due to dry conditions and this year vintage conditions look like last year. High temperatures leading into vintage brought on an early season however over the past 10 years you can see summer and winter rains being normal but spring and autumns rains significantly lower. A solid vintage 2020 is like last year low volumes, good quality and we are in desperate need of good winter rains.


Muller is made similarly to Riesling. It is important to pick Muller at the right time as you want to get the most fruit flavours possible however if you leave it too long on the vine it will lose its fruit driven flavour. It does not have much natural acidity so very important to pick it at the right time. Once it has been pick you process the fruit into a stainless steel tank and ferment dry. Usually you add some residual sugar and/or acid depending on the year. Once we are happy with the wine we then filter and bottle within 6 months. The wine is a great wine for a variety of foods, including Asian or anything with a little bit of chilli. It is very easy drinking, fruit driven, light style. Due to its uniqueness and approachability it is very popular.

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