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$25 a bottle or $120 a six pack use coupon code PANACHE.

Lightly Sparkling Panache


Alcohol 12.5 % a/v, 


Panache means dashing elegance of manner; carefree spirited, self confident or style; flamboyance.
We made this wine original for Kim's wedding so we can personally recommend it for any special occasion.

Made in traditional Methode Traditionalle from 50%  Pinot and 50%  Chardonnay and after three years of ageing, this sparkling rose that has beautiful flavours of strawberries and rose petals, complemented by notes of shortbread. An expressive and generous wine with great length on the palate and an attractive finish where the pinot really pops!  


Fruit sourced from our 40 year old 12 hectare Dry Grown Vineyard. Our old vines are not irrigated; something quite unusual in these days of mass commercial production. We prefer low-yielding wine crops with small berries. Although it limits our volume, having smaller fruit fosters an intensity of the flavour, with most of the colour and tannin of the grape being concentrated in or near the skin. The characteristically cool climate of the district ensures slow ripening of the grapes, which also allows for the development of rich flavour and quality grape juice. Grown on ancient gravely loams in Mount Barker, in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, an are renowned for excellence in cool climate viticulture. Our old vines are all cane pruned and yield 2 tonne per hectare with small bunch weights which add intensity of character and flavour. Galafrey harvest their grapes from mid March to late April depending on the season.


The dry, cool climate of Mount Barker provide ideal conditions for the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which was made with cold fermentation in stainless steel . We hand picked the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes and made this wine in the traditional Champagnois methode.Good fine bead, slight pink in colour, big mouthfill with just a hint of apricots, sweet berries with a long dry finish.We endeavour through meticulous viticulture and wine production sympathetic to the vintage conditions to produce a wine that will express varietal characters in tune with its sense of place Winemaking is geared toward producing a wine that is well balanced, lively, well structured and most importantly drinkable.

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